Land Listings

  • SW Sec. 12-2-10

    160 acres

    $850 per acre

    Dryland farm ground with good soil type for various crops. Land has easy farmable terraces. Quarter ...

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  • W2 NW Sec. 28-6-12

    80 acres

    $1,000 per acre

    Dryland farm ground. Excellent soil conditions with good drainage.

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  • 3 Miles North of Guymon

    40 acres

    $1,600 per acre

    Forty acre tract. Native pasture land bordering the Beaver River to the South.

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  • Texhoma Lots

    3,500 acres


    Two tracts are $2800 each. One tract is $3200. Another tract is $3400.

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  • Texhoma

    Lots in Texhoma

    $2,800 per lot

    Open lots. Blacktop to the East side of Texhoma. Good location for building.

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  • Lots in Boise City

    $2,800 per lot

    Open lots. Good location

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