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  • Northwest of Guymon


    Northwest of Guymon

    160 acres

    $875 per acre (Reduced)

    Includes dryland with apporximately seven years of CRP payments remaining. Seller will release CRP to new buyer.

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  • West of Goodwell

    West of Goodwell

    300 acres

    $1,400 per acre

    Includes two quarter mile 1993 Zimmatic sprinklers, three irrigation wells (does not include motors), gear heads,...

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  • 3 Miles North of Guymon

    3 Miles North of Guymon

    40 acres

    $1,600 per acre

    Forty acre tract. Native pasture land bordering the Beaver River to the South.

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  • Texhoma Lots

    Texhoma Lots

    3,500 acres


    Two tracts are $2800 each. One tract is $3200. Another tract is $3400.

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  • 14 Miles North of Guymon

    14 Miles North of Guymon

    625 acres

    $3,600 per acre

    Approximately 500 acres of irrigated acres and 125 acres of dryland. Includes half mile center pivot sprinkler,...

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  • 24th & N East


    24th & N East

    28 acres

    $7,500 per acre

    Sewer in place.

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